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Lash Lifting is our new Addiction

By May 31, 2016Blog

WARNING: You’re about to become addicted.

Are you over having to put on mascara? Would you like your eyelashes to appear longer and thicker? Are you sick of using hard to use eyelash curlers and trying to pull off fake bar lashes covered in glue at 4am in the morning?

Because we know we were!

As therapists when we heard the words ‘Eyelash Perming’ we almost cringed from the thought of messy perming rods and old school perming solution from our years at Beauty College.

We were soon to realise that the new trend of ‘Lifting’ was actually an amazing easy and comfortable experience. Turns out, eyelash lifting rose to popularity in Japan about a decade ago and us Australians have only just discovered it in the last few years! So how do they work, you ask?

We pick the rod size of your choice depending whether you’re wanting them still quite natural or full on AMAZING lashes! The rod is then gently placed on your eyelid with a mild adhesive and your lashes are softly lifted up and glued on the rod. A mild gel type, perm solution is then applied and if kept on for about 5 minutes, we then put a neutralising solution on and wash off all of the excess products afterwards like we would an eyelash tint, your lashes are then tinted to help them stand out even more!

All in all the treatment takes about 45 minutes and is really relaxing with no discomfort at all!

Your Brand new lifted lashes will last about 6-8 weeks or as long as it takes your natural lashes to fall out.

Book in for yours now! We can’t guarantee you won’t get addicted!