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How to Make an Impact

Jon Moon

Clear information shows clear thinking, and clear thinking informs, influences and impresses.

How often do you stare at uninviting and confusing presentations, notes, reports and information packs and get nothing out of them? It doesnt have to be like this. We could all produce amazingly clear work that has incredible impact if only we knew how. This book shows you how. It is full of ideas, tips and principles that are simple and easy to implement, yet brilliantly effective.You will never look at a business document in the same way again. And your work will impress the people that matter and get the results you want.

It guides you through the most effective ways of using all forms of presenting information - tables, charts, slides, flowcharts, etc. Moon also introduces the new WiT (Words in Tables) approach to give impact to your message on all documents and slides.

I love Jons work. His tips are hugely useful, his WiT fantastic and ground-breaking, and his book essential reading. If you want to enhance your sales tenders, pitches and slides, if you want to win more business get into Jons stuff. Its really, really good.

Gavin Duffy, a Dragon on Irelands Dragons Den, top media coach and economics columnist with the Irish Sunday Independent

Every once in a while, simple ideas change business forever - this book is full of such ideas. A must-read if you want to do something about all those impenetrable reports, slides and information packs. This book has all the answers and will redefine how you think about business documents. Dominic Burke, Chief Executive, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc.

This is a vital topic that has been sorely neglected. Jons book changes that. It is crammed with new ideas that are creative, thoughtful, yet practical and relevant for all disciplines of business. Essential reading for everyone in business! Dr Jikyeong Kang, Professor of Marketing and Director of MBA Programmes, Manchester Business School.

Ive seen Jons talk and his ideas are full of originality and wisdom. Many ideas are stunningly simple, others are mould breaking. He takes preconceived thinking and turns it on his head. Your business reporting will never be the same again.
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However, to make an impact on another, it starts with you and your life. You have the opportunity to truly make an impact on someone's life, by how you shape your character. Use this valuable period when you have the most resources and time to leave an impact in the world like you've never made before. How To Create Your Legacy And Make An Impact.


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...detail on how patience is the most important skill that young adults need to acquire to see that they make the desired grand impact at any job they work at. They're like, "I'm not making an impact."